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Help with pain after 3 months of TKR

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Hello, I am a 63 year old female, I had my TKR 5 months ago, at 3 months, I was in so much pain, never used a walker, because when I went into PT, they told me to throw it away! My surgeon told me not to start PT for two weeks!(big mistake)! By the time I went in, my knee was so frozen up! Well, I would go to my torture sessions I called them, until finally I said,”That’s enough “ Went back to my surgeon and he scheduled me an MUA, (manipulation under anesthesia) so now I was about 3 months 2 weeks, it felt better, didn’t feel like I was dragging around a tree stump anymore! But now I just feel pretty much like crap every day! No energy, just can barely function! I keep asking if my body could be rejecting my new knee? Is it poisoning my body? So I called 2 other surgeons, they won’t even look at me until a year out!! I’m sorry you are having problems, I hope you feel better soon.

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I like you my surgeon waited over a week after surgery to start pt by than I was pretty tight …. But I was using walker for a bit …. Never got the bend like you tried mua did not help long story short went to another dr at 7 months …. My first knee wasvthree sizes too big ( let me tell you all this is within dr leagal right to do ) put parts in you that are too big lol … well needless to say with new dr I was in surgery at my year date got a revision woke up amazing….now can go up and down steps slow but doing it … I am 7 months out of revision… so dr do see you just have to find revision dr …. They just may not operate until a year out…. Good luck I am living proof it gets better