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Yes. I was never posted positive but has got ill several times. I have also had vaccine after which my symptoms have got worse with new symptoms developing as time passes. I began to have my symptoms in around April 2021 with tingling in extremities and especially left abdominal and left pelvic pain. I also had itchy upper lip area and a little swelling on upper left lip. A year later, I have also had my first vibration sensation occurred at my left shoulder. I also have had tingling around left lip, lower left jaw, low left cheek. A few months later, this followed with internal abdominal vibrations that sometimes goes up to my chin and lips. I changed my diet which has helped a bit with the vibrations; go and find in my profile that post posted under this forum. This is just a summary of my complex symptoms. I still have no idea what's going on with my body which is out of control; all tests etc seem to be "normal" so far.

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I don't have tingling but do have random all over itching, including face & lips, torso, extremities, scalp.Once I scratch one spot other areas pop up. I try not to even scratch the 1st one to avoid the cascade. Wakes me up at night even. Nothing visible. I've switched hair&shower products....doesn't matter.

Hi, what does internal vibrations mean?? I see that you too had some tingling, I have a mild strange sensation whenever I touch my lower left lip/chin area. Similar to a tingling or a vibration or very mild electric nerve action, I can't even decribe it correctly lol. I don't know if i mentioned that in Oct 2022 a new dentist did a simple dental procedure and he hit my nerve twice, hurt like hell. The numbness was on my left jaw/gum line for at least a month, I dont know if this new symptom is related to that because it has been at least 4 months from Oct to Feb. I'm so confused. Hopefully the MRI comes back clean.