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Supposedly there is a process that you can undertake to append a comment, but it's not visible to the patient (like most of the notes) and it isn't easy. The fact that a patient cannot see their own data is disgusting and makes me think doctors are spending more time covering their butts than caring for their patients.

Oh, yes, the phantom exam. Apparently I had a full discussion about fibromyalgia at our last appt. Never happened. Dude spends most of his time talking about himself.

…. And I don't have a fibeomyalgia diagnosis.

I may qualify, but nobody has ever evaluated me for those types of conditions.

The medical system has isolated itself from itself and the people it's supposed to serve.

It is so infuriating that dealing with the medical system rips apart your mental health, and then they blame things they don't understand as a result of "your mental health conditions." I dream of saying, "but YOU are my mental health condition!"

Not all doctors. Maybe half. But that's enough to ruin everything.

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Forgive me but you gave me a needed big laugh when you related the 5th dimension conversation. I know exactly how they talk about themselves – and then you get a written documentary of the visit that never happened on planet earth in your medical records.