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I, too am awaiting a response from anyone who had a low stage/grade w/radiation and has Not chosen to take the AI. Thank you all❤️

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I have not chosen to take AI or tamoxifen because I couldn’t tolerate the tamoxifen and I have osteoporosis so not eligible for AI unless I take Zometa with it. My Oncotype was 14. IDC estrogen +, 15 mm, negative nodes and grade 2. I am told grade doesn’t really matter anymore unless grade 3. Doctors are relying more on Oncotype score. I have 8% chance of recurrence without endocrine therapy . I was diagnosed at age 67. I am almost 69. I am involved with Signatera . Look it up.

I had two right breast tumors; 99% ER +, 98%PR+, HER2-, stage 2 IDC. Had unilateral mastectomy , no chemo recommended as a very favorable ONCOTYPE, and opted out of radiation ( which seemed scary to me) . Also breast surgeons did not see big value in my case. Doing annual MRI and Mammo at 6 months intervals. Both negative one year out from first (mastectomy ) surgery.

On AI for 11 months, mild joint discomfort worked out with walking, stretching, yoga and resistance ( for bones). Very effective and helpful… don’t even need Tylenol… but I worried about the unseen(felt) side effects.

Mitigation is my game!

BONE HEALTH: D3, K2, multi, curcumin 95, C, and absorbable food based calcium ( for bones) niacin ( for cholesterol). Try to hit 1000 grams of calcium from food plus from 200 multi-Vit. Biotin for some hair thinning.

Did DEXA last week and essentially no change from baseline 3 years ago and pre AI last April. One hip improved .1, one hip decreased .1, L4 lost .1 ( all statistically insignificant). I do consult with endocrinologist as part of mitigation team.

HEART HEALTH :Cholesterol slightly elevated but so was HDL so good ratio remained the same .
Red meat 1-2x month ( maybe), and almost ZERO processed food. Sodium is a bone killer.

Had a calcium score done to make sure plaque not building up. Result :ZERO! Shocked and relieved. ( I thank K2 for this )

Bottom Line: NOT everyone has a significantly difficult reaction ( response) to AI. If it may be beneficial why not try… it is a daily oral pill which has a 50 hour half life that can be stopped at any moment.

I feel safer on this med; I envision it as a daily protection against breast cancer.

I realize that my experience with side effects are mild and tolerable and that’s not the case for some, but it may be worth trying.

Blessings on the path. 🌸