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My situation may not be as life threatening but I stupidly rolled out of bed and fractured my clavicle. ER recommended I be seen quickly by a surgeon and suggested a practice. I got an appointment the next business day. I was waiting and in rolled the doctor, late of course I guess he had his nasty shot. Looked at my X-ray, said no surgery needed just wear a sling for 6-8 weeks. Before I could ask any questions (follow up X-rays, physical therapy out he went. No nurse came as I was preparing to leave.

After about 4 weeks I saw my PCP and was really pi**ed off. He examined my shoulder and said I was developing a frozen shoulder and need to be seen. The first place I tried declined the case, their top doc reviewed and also felt there was a better doctor. They both recommended the same surgeon. That appointment was night and day. He came in showed my X-ray and declared “this won’t heal. He laid out all the options and thoroughly explained the surgery. Had surgery the next week. I had a follow up surgery to remove the hardware 6 months later. He told me that it was required due to the location and displacement of the clavicle. Sat and talked and answered all my questions Amazing! I would definitely use him again if needed. So happy ending even if it took 6 months to get proper care. Bonus points: Besides being a great surgeon he is a hottie!

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It seems connecting with medical providers is a roll of the dice. You could have been disabled. Fortunately you got the good care you needed. I'm so glad for that all is well. But one has to wonder how many people are disabled or permanent in pain because of the doctor behind door #1. This is just so wrong. I never knew of this side of medical care before. S Cal doesn't have this as a problem. Lots of laws+lots of lawyers influence that. Plus getting associated w a hospital – most of which are excellent- for a licensed medical person is a very hard achievement. If you don't meet a high standard, you're out.