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I went to an ER for something unrelated to the issue they found during a routine CT scan. They found an aortic aneurysm with a tear in it so they told me I was being transferred to a trauma hospital for emergency surgery.

Once I got to this trauma hospital they checked and confirmed what the other hospital found. But he said that I would need to go back to the hospital for surgery however it wasn’t bleeding so he said that he felt I was stable enough to discharge me and to contact my cardiovascular surgeon.

I made the appointment for the next day as the hospital had said to see him ASAP.
He was immediately annoyed that I made an appointment with him.
I was due for my annual checkup the following two weeks.

He downplayed the whole encounter and said I had nothing to worry about. The echocardiogram confirmed the aneurysm with the tear but he didn’t tell me the size and I forgot to ask him..

He abruptly said “see you in a year “ and walked out. Before he left I asked him if it could burst ( mostly a quick fatal occurrence). And he nonchalantly said “it could but we have ways to treat that” Hospitals always say ASAP, don’t worry “

No there isn’t. You don’t know it unless it burst and then it’s an emergency where you could bleed to death. He actually laughed and said it wasn’t a big deal!

Maybe it was small and didn’t need surgery right away but knowing how small or big would have given me a benchmark to monitor by.
He rushed the appointment as he had other patients waiting for him and I was interrupting him.

Two different hospital cardiovascular surgeons said I needed surgery but my doctor made light of it and told me to see him the following year.

What a jerk he was. Made me feel like I was being a baby and I shouldn’t have been there. The receptionist was not a happy camper either and rushed me out. I’m thinking of getting another opinion as I don’t trust this guy but I’m reluctant to do so. Any clue?

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Dear @andytheman
please change the doctor because he sounds like a terrible jerk.

Hi. I encourage you to research for a cardiovascular surgeon associated with a reputable hospital and send your images for an immediate consult. And while you're at it, get a new PCP. GUARANTEED he wouldn't be laughing if it were his cardiovascular problem. If cardiovascular surgeons say you need surgery, you need surgery. Or some remediating procedure. Take peace in the fact that many times, calcification and other developments secure an aneurysm from being in imminent danger. In older people, they're often no longer 'soft " This is educational info+ not medical content for your situation Ask more questions as you proceed with repair. So sorry you've been left in such a stressful mental state not knowing if your life may suddenly be in the line. Again, proceed as you are led for your own life assurance.

His response sounds like medical malpractice. I definitely would get a second opinion.

US News and World Report has lists of the top ranked hospitals, by condition.

you can just Google: "US News and World Report + Best Hospitals for Cardiology, Heart & Vascular Surgery"

the link should come up.