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Thanks for responding. Yes, he is a dangerous doctor. That's why I titled this so. And yes, I'm taking Becky's information and using it. What a Godsend she is and this forum is. And you are too. This is one destructive experience I'll address for the good for all. I feel confident I will be at least fairly heard.

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I went to an ER for something unrelated to the issue they found during a routine CT scan. They found an aortic aneurysm with a tear in it so they told me I was being transferred to a trauma hospital for emergency surgery.

Once I got to this trauma hospital they checked and confirmed what the other hospital found. But he said that I would need to go back to the hospital for surgery however it wasn’t bleeding so he said that he felt I was stable enough to discharge me and to contact my cardiovascular surgeon.

I made the appointment for the next day as the hospital had said to see him ASAP.
He was immediately annoyed that I made an appointment with him.
I was due for my annual checkup the following two weeks.

He downplayed the whole encounter and said I had nothing to worry about. The echocardiogram confirmed the aneurysm with the tear but he didn’t tell me the size and I forgot to ask him..

He abruptly said “see you in a year “ and walked out. Before he left I asked him if it could burst ( mostly a quick fatal occurrence). And he nonchalantly said “it could but we have ways to treat that” Hospitals always say ASAP, don’t worry “

No there isn’t. You don’t know it unless it burst and then it’s an emergency where you could bleed to death. He actually laughed and said it wasn’t a big deal!

Maybe it was small and didn’t need surgery right away but knowing how small or big would have given me a benchmark to monitor by.
He rushed the appointment as he had other patients waiting for him and I was interrupting him.

Two different hospital cardiovascular surgeons said I needed surgery but my doctor made light of it and told me to see him the following year.

What a jerk he was. Made me feel like I was being a baby and I shouldn’t have been there. The receptionist was not a happy camper either and rushed me out. I’m thinking of getting another opinion as I don’t trust this guy but I’m reluctant to do so. Any clue?