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After being diagnosed with PMR on Feb 3, 2023 and getting on prednisone (now at 60 mg due to very severe inflammation ending in the emergency room), I have slowly worked my way up to a couple walks of a total of 2 miles day. Plus the 15 minutes of squats, bridges, and balancing exercise the physical therapist gave.

It works for me.

The exercise would have been nothing for me before PMR, but now I'm very careful about not burning all my energy reserves.

And as long as the pain isn't bad before I start, it doesn't increase it, and the sun and scenery are a great distraction. If the pain in the muscles being exercised is bad before I start, I take a pass.

I haven't returned to the relatively strenuous (kettlebell -based) weight lifting I used to do, or the jogging on hills cardio, beyond walking as I mentioned above, which includes several minor (50 yard) rises near home. It may yet happen, but I'm waiting to see if my inflammation markers and white blood cell count can get near normal before making any real attempts.

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I was very active with weights & walking daily. Pilates 6 days a week. Then I began with terrible pain in my hip, to my shins. Well finally diagnosed needing a hip replacement. July is the time. I couldn't get an earlier appointment due to my Simponi Aria infusion schedule. I'm tapering down currently at 10.5 daily. I won't taper under 10mg prednisone until 2-3 weeks after surgery. I have been going to a PT & doing the exercises at home. I love to exercise & can't wait to get back to it! They tell me 2-3 weeks after surgery. I sure hope so.

@redboat. good morning - you are a few months earlier in the process than I. re: sun and scenery are a great distraction---
I enjoy a walk to a conservation area here in Marblehead ,MA- about 1/2 mile - to look at birds - ha! birding as a sport is walk and then stand still and raise binoculars to your face - but as many of you might agree - raising binoculars to my face WAS A CHORE during my stage of sub-optimal Rx ( 15mg gave very poor relief for my shoulder girdle !! entire month of May!) Lately i have seen Baltimore Orioles ( the birds NOT baseball-players) defending their nest !! it is amazing ! And sadly a gaggle of goslings has reduced from six to only one. : (

@andos16 "Pred has helped but I wake so stiff, that I can't do gym before 10.30am or golf before 11am. " this prolonged morning stiffness is why i went on Medical Leave of Absence !! it was unpredictable when i could even work from home in May -- have you never experienced the 100% relief/miracle dose of Prednisone - I did by Rheum increasing my does to 30mg ! Good luck - be careful playing golf : )