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@rsfcowgirl What a terrible experience you had! The doctor was definitely out-of-line. There are two things you can do: 1. Do nothing or, 2. Report the doctor. Reporting someone is hard, but his behavior gives the whole medical profession a bad name. Good doctors don’t need to defend themselves from bad ones.
I added the link to Medicare’s claims and filing a grievance web page:
Is this something you think you could do?

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Oh THANK YOU so much. This is perfect. Yes, I can do this. It is necessary also in behalf of other patients too. This Dr was dishonest with Medicare billing. He often added in major serious conditions in the reason for office visit that I had years ago that I didn't have while under his care to get more money. They'll surely object to that alone.
Thank you for giving me a great solution to help me with this out as it should be handled. Blessing!!!

Hi Becky. An update on what I'm doing to resolve my experience. I contacted my insurance company which has a dedicated area for complaints about quality of care. I made a complaint and the recorder of it was a very good listener who read me the summary of how my complaint will be filed. I felt mildly unburdened by verbalizing it to someone who has a specific interest in it. I said that my objective was for him to be monitored for patient care and to not be on their referral list.
Also, the discussion here made me feel not alone, which was greatly helpful in bringing me some peace. I also realized how much emotional residual I have. So yesterday I found a Therapist who I will begin seeing to unravel the experience and get released of the hangover from it. She seems to be a very good fit for me. I'm getting better merely knowing we're going to begin discussing this in a few days. After she is fully briefed, + I'm less upset, I plan to write a letter to the former PCP, running it by her before sending. I think delivering what is in my heart+ mind to him directly and in specific, will bring me closure. I don't care how he receives it. I'm doing it for me.
If there are other actions to take, I'll move forward with them.
Thank you for your support. Big hug for you. You're a faithful support system and I appreciate you.