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Yes it is confusing! I just don't understand the need for radiation if they know that radiation causes Angiosarcoma! And why would it be a treatment option once someone is diagnosed with Angiosarcoma? My mom was in so much pain, it spread like wildfire after the radiation! My mom trusted them to give her the best treatment with the hope of beating it! I just want everyone that is diagnosed with Angiosarcoma to have a fair chance, to have effective treatment options, and to get as much support and care as possible! This is a horrible disease, When I think about my mom's case, I feel obligated to share her story because she was not informed of the risk that came with the choice to go through radiation! With all do respect, just remember..."IT'S YOUR LIFE, YOUR BODY AND YOUR CHOICE!" You are in my prayers! Lets Keep in touch. #CANCERSUCKS#RIPMOM

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I am sorry you have gone through this, what a horrible thing to go through. I cannot imagine why a doctor would recommend radiation for someone already diagnosed with angiosarcoma.
Angiosarcoma as a result of breast radiation is exceedingly rare, but as I said before; that doesn’t really matter if you are in that group.
I would hate to encourage people to go against their doctors recommendations since I don’t really have all the facts about their individual cancer.
Where was your moms angiosarcoma before her breast cancer diagnosis? Was her radiation recently?