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Peace Blessings and joy to you @macdapat, I am the mother of a young active 21-year-old daughter who is what I would say is a survivor of NMO. She has lived with for about 4 years now it has been hell the first 2 years. What we did was go organic as much as possible soap, dish detergent, food, pure fide water, well that was not enough the crying spell mood swing was out of control. Love +Prayer is key !!!!! understanding listening to your son body!!, keep a journal of everything goes back and read it on the regular. Don’t let doctors tell you about your son they don’t know him you do, listen to your son’s want, needs, and feels. If he tells u the med’s make him feel a type of way believes him please my daughters felt. It is ok to change meds to fit him as a person. My daughter still has issues but we not on pills we only go to IVIG every 3-6 months. She is so blessed that she takes care of an active two-year-old almost every day for a living. Please pray pray pray believe listen to your son fight for him.

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Thanks for your encouraging and hopeful words!

I like the idea of keeping a journal to report findings, has that been helpful?


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