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Postherpetic Neuralgia (Shingles) nerve damage

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I got shingles in my eye about 5 months ago. My eye is fine except doesn't dilate properly causing light sensitivity. I am happy to know your eye returned to normal in a few years. Some hope my ophthamologist said it never would be normal. Wondering if anyone one else had that symptom. I still have pain and sensitivity around eye and head but tolerable.

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Hello @glenbard,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience with shingles in your eye. You said that the ophthalmologist said, "it would never be normal." As eye-sight is a very precious commodity for all of us, have you considered getting a second opinion?

Second opinions can be a very important tool for any disorder that seems untreatable. There are many health care facilities that specialize in hard-to-treat disorders. It is important for every patient to advocate for themselves and to get the most knowledgable physician for the best possible treatment.

If you would like a second opinion, you might consider looking for a good Eye Institute and making an appointment. Often university medical schools have Eye Institutes. You could also consider a good multi-disciplinary health center like Mayo Clinic. If you live near a Mayo facility (Minnesota, Florida or Arizona), here is the link for appointments, http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63.

Will you consider a second opinion at an Eye Institute?

I, wish I never took that vaccine. After my second dose I was sick for 4 months. Had to have therapy. Went to neurologist, and other doctors to find out what was going on. The only doctor that believed me was the doctor who was involved with my therapy. He researched as well as I did, after the fact, that the Shingrix Vaccine was the reason why weird things happened to my body. So, now I will not take a vaccine again, especially the experimental Covid Vaccine. My motto is do your research FIRST before getting a vaccine. Sorry, but that is my opinion, from my own experience. It affected my whole body including my legs where I could barely walk.