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Anal/rectal & bowel spasms/cramps in anal cancer

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Fingers crossed that you pet scan brings good news! I just saw my new GI doctor yesterday and my chief complaint is terrible pain in my intestines before a bowel movement. He ordered an urgent colonoscopy. Sometimes it hurts so bad that I feel nauseous. Your comment about having radiation enteritis made me google it and it sounds exactly like what I have. The pain isn't in my rectum, but higher up in my intestinal tract. Luckily, I don't have diarrhea now (I did in the beginning.) I guess I'll know more after my colonoscopy. Another irritating problem is that I now have a very small amount of urine leakage that I never had before--even after having 3 babies vaginally. Just enough to have to buy Poise liners. I'm also having anal bleeding that won't let up. I've had 2 blood transfusions and I may need another soon. My red and white blood cell counts and my platelets are chronically low. I saw a hematologist a couple of weeks ago and he's probably going to do a bone marrow biopsy in a March. The fun never ends!

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The radiation enteritis was awful. I too felt nauseous and would break out in a sweat from the pain. My poor husband was outside the bathroom door feeling so helpless. The gastroenterologist gave me Dicyclomine and it made a huge difference. The pain was gone. One day I woke up and the diarrhea was gone. Just like that. Now as I mentioned I have fecal incontinence. I am besides myself. I must go through 5 sanitary pads a day. I have completely lost control of my bowels. I’m hoping it will heal on its own. It’s just one thing after another.