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dpepsi247 | @dpepsi247 | 1 minute ago
I am still relatively new to this whole journey. I am curious what “type” of cancer I have. I tried to do my own research and am a bit confused. A tumor was found on my left lung. Would you call it Carcinoid Cancer, Lung Cancer, or Neoendicrine Cancer?
I tried to ask my oncologist the other day, but he wa a bit short with me and I don’t like to speak up. I am just trying to understand more about this whole thing. THANKS!

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dpepsi247 - Good morning. I am so sorry to hear that your doctor was short with you. There is absolutely no reason for this.

I am going to be very stern with you right now, but I mean no disrespect at all. After 25 years of lung cancer. I have learned a lot and I want to help guide you through this so that you benefit the most. OK?

Unless you speak up for yourself no one else will and you will be lost in a system of medical jargon and procedures and feel totally lost. This is your body, your cancer, and your life. Do you want control of it or for others to tell you what you need? Do you have a close friend or family member that can go through this with you as your support? There, I'm done.

Ok, let's move on. Please let's start at the beginning. What brought you to be tested to see what was wrong? Did you have a cough or pain? Former smoker? And what tests have you had so far?

Please feel free to ask me anything. WHat do you want to know?