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This is my take on any autoimmune issue:
- When you are having a flare up your lab numbers will be high and reflect that something is wrong and your symptoms will be full blown.
- when your flare up is over, even a week later, your numbers will go down as your symptoms go away.
I know because it happened to me in 2016. Neuro took labs and my lupus numbers were high. Sent me to rheumatologist. Outbreak was over, labs went down, she walked out on me saying "no lupus". Now 7 years later I'll be starting my second round of steroids because of issues possibly lupus related. New rheumatologist who deals with "complicated" cases took labs but I have to wait several more weeks before going over them! He's so in demand. So I will continue to suffer while waiting for an answer. But I like him a lot.

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I wish you good luck in getting answers. i hope him being in demand means he is very good and you get help. i think thats all any of us want. i have never seen a rheumatologist before. this is all new to me. i understand about flares but i have alot of health issues and alot of specialists appts set up. im going on my 5th GI and im hoping he works out i have a good feeling but we will see next week. my GI issues are actually my bigger concern possibly autoimmune gastritis which i wish wasnt the case but you know i try to reduce my stress as much as possible. stress i know for anything your dealing with will only make symptoms worse. but not having the best drs as i been going through for almost 2 years thats stressful. but i just found a really good primary, which does lift alot of stress up, so thats a good thing. the GI is right there where they are so im hopeful.