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I have MS, and the one of the reasons MS is hard to regulate heat is because it also affects sweat glands and just about every other organ . I have swallowing issues and dry mouth as a result of my autoimmune. I didn't get the wedge pillow for my gerd right away, and couldn't feel my throat as I didn't realize that I was damaging it worse.
The autoimmune issue is causing the issues with the hormones transmitters and glands, as well as the resulting fallout trying to eat and getting issues in sinus, nose throat salivary glands etc.
Just saying that these could be after effects of something else, try to get to the cause. The MS treatment helps, but then i have to go symptom by symptom.
The good news is that as far as i can tell, there's a lot more medication approved for MS. treatments are organized and people understand and hrlp with the myriad of isdues that you seem to be facing. Doctors faced with these opportunities to diagnose, autoimmune, if they call it MS, will there be better outcome for the patient that all of the other crap.
Hopefully they can run the mri and look for lesions in spinal? Or you find whatever else is bothering you. Stress can be ms trigger, and surgery is stressful. Or could have been a mystery virus that MS is supposedly triggered by. Diabetes also can cause the similar swallowing and glad issuesand neuropathy because it's also autoimmune. Only get a diagnosis with treatments please 🤣
Good luck...

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thank you so much for your reply. im sorry you are dealing with ms. its not easy i know. i been through so many doctors im starting to line up good ones after almost 2 years of various issues. i have alot of autoimmune. just found out my thyroid condition i have had for 20 years is hashimotos. i also am going on my 5th yes 5th GI. i dont believe i have ms. im mostley dealing with possible autoimmune gastritis which scares me. plus the sjorgens and silent reflux i have 3 specialist appts in next 2 weeks. i did have a ctscan last july thats how i found about as far as my lower back it said degenerative changes near my lumberspine but this was in the ER. my other pain, i dont know if its sjorgens or something else. but im been at this almost 2 years. looking and i wil get treatment. i appreciate your post so much thank you!