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Prolotherapy for SI joint pain

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Thank you Sue for those comments. My SI hypermobility has been a result of a bad foot surgery which left my right foot totally fused. . . like walking with a brick. The inability to "walk off" my foot, along with a slightly shorter right leg, causes my SI to rotate leaving me with bulging lumbar discs. I'm told that a screw placement now has replaced prolo. But of course, they will not do if you have osteoporosis. There are a few old timers who will do prolo, but do not insist on proper alignment prior to the procedure. And they wonder why they only have 50% success rates. I also am a type 1 diabetic, but have been told that the "sugar water" will not affect my blood sugar levels. Having been in PT for 20+ years, I'm ready to try prolo. Can you recommend a doctor or center with high success rates for complicated patients. I live a few hours from Duke University Hospital, but am having a difficult time finding this "soft tissue" physician my rheumatologist says I need to locate. Also, I was finally told that the asymmetrical yoga positions I practiced to stay limber were also pulling my SI out. Thanks!

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@sandyincharlotte, my kid also has type 1 and long term SI joint issues, due to subluxation. She did PT all during college and for a total of 10 years. Prolotherapy helped her miraculously but NOT the sugar/dextrose one.

In the practice she used, dextrose is tried first, then PRP, platelet rich plasma. Due to her type 1, they skipped the dextrose trial and went directly to PRP. So I would ask for that.

Dr. Borg-Stein at Newton-Wellesley in MA is doing a lot of studies and could refer you perhaps.