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Post prostatectomy: What do rising PSA levels mean?

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Well let me help you relax. My PSA in the fall of 2008 was 2.4 and I had a radical "where they got it all". Two years later the PSA started to rise from the original post surgical >.05 and the decision was made for me to have 40 treatments of radiation in November 2010. It stayed in the .05 – 07 range until the Spring of 2017 when it began to rise (7 years of being good) then in the Fall an Full Body Scan was ordered but it show no detectible spots. It continued to rise until the Fall of 2021 when it was .86 and a Petscan was ordered. It too came back with no detectible locations of cancer cells. In Feb 2022 it has rised to .92 and the urologist said we would look at it in 3 months….we did and it was .94. Then with a retest in December it was 1.92 and I was sent for a PetScan that showed spots on my T4 verterbrae, 2nd rib and in upper right lobe of lung. Decision was made by urologist to send me to radiation oncologist who said he could radiate and KILL all three spots in three sessions. I have completed 2 of the three treatments. In addition the urologist initiated Eligard hormone 6 month shots which I have gotten and I was also sent to a hematologist-oncologist who is starting me in a few weeks on a tertosetone blocking oral medication that will prevent tertosterone from entering and "fueling"the growth of cancer cells. This should put me into somewhat of a remssion for serveal years and when we detect more cancer growth another drug will be started. So it has been 14 years since I first was told I had prostate cancer and I am hoping for 14 more years.

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What is the "testosterone blocking med" that is being added to your tx protocol, if you do not mind my asking?
And what was your Gleason scores?
I was G 9 post RP w/ 90 day postop BCR and just now completing salvage radiation and Orgovyx regimen.
Best wishes for your health.