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Alpha lipoic acid for Neuropathy

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I’ve found references to positive effects of taking R Lipoic Avid supplements. Suggested was 300-600 mg once or twice daily.

If you have used this treatment I’d like to hear from you.

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I have been diagnosed with SFN and began taking Alpha Lipoic Acid a couple of years ago. I take 200 mg 3 times a day with meals for a total daily dose of 600 mg. It reduces my symptoms to a point where they are just noticeable. Without it my symptoms are severe enough that I am unable to sleep. It works for me. Best of luck and I hope you find something that helps you.

Good Question.
There were no specific changes to my diet. That being said, the best way I can be helpful is to say that I watch my diet carefully as I have found that what I eat directly affects the amount of symptoms I have. There are foods that are more inflammatory for me than others and will spike my symptoms. For me salt, caffeine and cinnamon (yes, cinnamon) are the worst offenders.

My Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) symptoms are more sensitive to what I eat than the SFN symptoms. I will do anything it takes to avoid increasing my RLS symptoms! Paying attention to what I eat every day helps keep my symptoms from both SFN and RLS at lower levels.

What do I eat?
I eat a low inflammatory diet which means a lot of fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. I also eat chicken (boneless, skinless breast) and some fish and nuts and seeds.

I avoid all grains including rice and especially avoid refined sugars. I do not drink alcohol, coffee or tea (anything with caffeine) or any soft drinks.

I am unable to tolerate soy and am also gluten intolerant. Adding in low-cholesterol and low sodium gives you the full picture.

I think most people would find my diet repetitive, boring and tasteless, which is how I find it. But it works for me as I can manage my symptoms best by eating the way I do. I also feel healthier.

It has taken research, monitoring what I eat and self discipline, but its worth it.

Hope this is helpful. I am off to have blueberries and mixed nuts for breakfast. Yummiest meal of the day!

Hello @cherman. I wanted to bring you into an existing discussion on this topic so you will notice that I have moved your post here:
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I see that @lbmorgan44 has joined you to share how they are using the supplement and @nukhan has also joined to learn more.

You might also benefit from some information that was shared earlier in this discussion by @johnbishop which you can find if you hit "View and Reply" in this notification and scroll up to John's post.

I am going to begin 600 mg ALA. hope it helps. I’ll report after a period.