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Autoimmune Diseases and Fatigue

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It seems that chronic fatigue that comes with chronic illness is very difficult to treat. It’s hard to know if the illness is the cause- autoimmune illnesses definitely are known to cause fatigue- or the treatment.
Even when my autoimmune illness is not active, I’m still tired- just not the extreme exhaustion. I function better and can be somewhat physically active.
I try to read up on chronic fatigue hoping for an easy solution. It doesn’t exist.
Now there is long Covid too- totally different and much still unknown.

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My rheumatologist believes I have both cfs & long covid because other viruses have given me similar symptoms before Covid was known. 2011 & early 2019. I got Covid in Nov. of ‘21 & still have symptoms. For me fatigue is the worst. I just want to sleep. I fight with myself all the time. “You’re just lazy.” It’s hard to understand such profound exhaustion. I feel like everyone just thinks I’m lazy and I’m not trying hard enough. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t, but my head tells me that. I hate doubting myself because it just makes me feel worse. I feel like a failure.

There are some good support and information websites on Chronic Fatigue.
And with the long COVID people getting CF or something similar, as you've stated there is now a lot more research but little I can find on autoimmune fatigue that is actual research.