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BreatheMD/FLCCC website says to nebulize saline by taking a clean neti pot and filling it with distilled water to the max line then using 2 saline packets and shaking. That is much less expensive than the 7% vials.

"Use a nebulizer or a humidifier to inhale salt water. Mix the water in a Neil-Med sinus rinse bottle using 2 packets of saline instead of 1 and add to your nebulizer or humidifier. "

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That protocol on FLCCC was recommended for people trying to recover after Covid and meant for washing through the nasal passages – not to be inhaled deeply into already damaged lungs.
The accepted protocol by experts in treating MAC and Bronchiectasis is to use sterile 4ml vials of saline meant for internal use in a rigorously cleaned and frequently sterilized nebulizer.

There are numerous issues with the open mixing process. To stay sterile, you need to begin with a sterilized container and sterile water. You will have several ounces of solution; you only need 4ml or less than 1/2 tsp, once or twice a day. How do you keep it sterile? It is very easily contaminated, and needs to be discarded daily. When sterile water or normal saline is opened and used for wound irrigation, clearing IV tubing or other purposes, it must be discarded after 24 hours.

I would double-check this process with my doc – I think contamination risk is high, and I am working too hard to keep germs OUT of my already damaged lungs.