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Benedryl effect?

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Thank you @bryce49 and @26sabrina for your posts. I am very curious to hear more as you experiment. We can bear in mind the dementia risk, as well as the effect of better sleep, while we await and evaluate any additional data you provide on the impact to your foot pain. Yes, maybe the antihistamine is making the difference. Thank you again !

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I did take one Benadryl last night and I don't notice a difference. Tonight I will try two Benadryl.

Hi everyone. I am letting you know that I have been taking Benadryl 50 mg at night and for one, sleeping pretty well and secondly have noticed that I have no pain in my feet until about 3 or 4 PM. Then I begin to feel some slight burning beginning. So I am wondering now, is it the good sleeping or the antihistamine. I am going to search for another antihistamine that will not make me sleepy to take midday to see if I get any relief.