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Hi you made me laugh 😂 I too love retail therapy 💕I’m feeling great physically I rebounded from lumpectomy quickly.
Yup the picture keeps getting wider more and more details.
12 weeks chemo (march3) once a week
Rest 4-6 weeks
Radiation m-f 5-6weeks
Her-2 med in the port every 3 weeks for 52weeks
The 5 year estrogen blocker pill
Took the chemo room tour yesterday got a lot of details about blood work stuff. I’m so glad to hear your 18 years on the other side of it !!
I’m single with a blind special needs son(30) and I just have to ok💕ty for reaching out
God bless you

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I hope the tour was helpful. I just accompanied a friend with a similar treatment plan, to her oncology appointment, and I think more info and a tour would have helped her.

It is hard when you have a child who has special needs. I can relate. I am 8 years out from cancer treatment. Good luck!

Please feel free to tag me at anytime. I have probably taken most or all of the meds you will be taking. I did radiation as well. Looks like my chemo will be different at least in the timing. I took taxol, Adriamycin, and Cytoxin every three weeks, for 6 treatments. Then got the herceptin a few years later as it had not been approved for front line therapy yet. I also had a physical oopherectomy between chemo and radiation.
Prepare yourself for some hard, but it isn’t impossible and can buy you a lot of time with that son of yours. 😁

Sending love! I too had her+ diagnosis in April 2022, stage 2 and grade 2. Had 6 chemo treatments of perjeta and herceptin, mastectomy (my choice for bilateral), my pathology showed lvi multi focal. Breast was clean, had positive residual of 7 lump nodes, did 3 wks radiation and now doing kadcyla (TDM1). I go Tues for round 7. Will have 7 more to go. Mood and emotions much better than it was after diagnosis. I reached out to this group multiple times and have read others successful stories which gave me hope.
I also entered vaccine study for her2+ to prevent recurrence.