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Benedryl effect?

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I have read your last two posts. When I was much younger, I took Benadryl for sleep and my doctor told me to stop because of the possibility of causing dementia in later life. So I switched to Melatonin.
Well, now I am 73 and in the last few years have developed PN that is pretty painful in my feet. I, like you, took some Benadryl to help me sleep. (Dementia be damned by now.) Guess what? The next morning my feet felt pretty good. Not all day but for a few hours. I don't know if it was the antihistamine or that I slept so well. So, I have been wondering, what if I took just one(25mg) at night?

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I personally cannot stand the way Benadryl makes me feel after sleeping and only use it for attempting to avoid using an EpiPen. Then again, I also hate the way gabapentin made me feel, antidepressants made me feel, and antispasmodics make me feel when I have to take them. I am guessing my body does not get along well with drugs that cross the blood-brain barrier.

Thank you @bryce49 and @26sabrina for your posts. I am very curious to hear more as you experiment. We can bear in mind the dementia risk, as well as the effect of better sleep, while we await and evaluate any additional data you provide on the impact to your foot pain. Yes, maybe the antihistamine is making the difference. Thank you again !