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This is hard to accept, and please do give yourself grace. I had an original pathology very much like this, and I remember it like it was yesterday. Since my family was all busy the afternoon and evening after I got the news……well , you know the old saying “when things get tough, the tough go shopping”. 😂
The funny part of that is I bought a patent leather red purse and anyone who knows me knows I would hate that purse. I carried it as a badge of courage through my treatments then gave it to a friend who loved it, to do the same.
I am 18 years on the other side of that day, and there have been some twists and turns along the way, but I don’t regret any of the treatments, no matter how hard because they have gotten me HERE❣️.
How are you feeling today? Do you know anymore about your treatment plan?

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Hi you made me laugh 😂 I too love retail therapy 💕I’m feeling great physically I rebounded from lumpectomy quickly.
Yup the picture keeps getting wider more and more details.
12 weeks chemo (march3) once a week
Rest 4-6 weeks
Radiation m-f 5-6weeks
Her-2 med in the port every 3 weeks for 52weeks
The 5 year estrogen blocker pill
Took the chemo room tour yesterday got a lot of details about blood work stuff. I’m so glad to hear your 18 years on the other side of it !!
I’m single with a blind special needs son(30) and I just have to ok💕ty for reaching out
God bless you