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Welcome to Connect, @wbuawxman.
This message has been moved to the Caregiver's group because of the title that Limbolady gave it. However, I believe you are writing from the perspective of someone who has frontotemporal degeneration. I understand the denial phase. It is hard to accept.
Is this a recent diagnosis for you?

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Yes it is ... but very very tentative. I'm noticing increased isolation (and desire for it), lack of motivation, memory issues when wanting to initiate something ("I have to put away the _____", and then I immediately forget to do it. Word difficulties (finding the right one) are sporadic and nothing new, though they seem to have increased to some extent. I'm becoming increasingly unable to organize tasks and as of last week changed my employment status to part-time. In the meantime, to reduce the impact of the decrease in income, I've applied for partial disability from my company-sponsored disability insurance company, which has been a chore in itself :-(.

Had a recent PET scan to look for glucose metabolism abnormalities.
Slight asymmetric decreased metabolism in the temporal lobes, lesser extent parietal lobes as well as slight decreased frontal lobe metabolism. However, there is preserved metabolism in the precuneus and posterior cingulate gyrus. *Pattern abnormal though not typical of a specific nerve degenerative process*.

Brain volume: Brain volume is normal for age (ed. which seems to contradict findings from 2016).

Additional findings: No significant low dose CT findings.

IMPRESSION: Abnormal FDG uptake in the brain, however pattern is not characteristic of a particular neurodegenerative disease.