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Hi! I am anncgrl. My husband has been diagnosed with frontal lobe atrophy. It is one of many names for frontal lobe dementia. Our journey has been long, puzzling, heart-breaking and exhausting. I am part of another on- line group devoted to fld (frontal lobe dementia) It is al support group but am not sure of the name of site and there is an amazing organization devoted to research, support, etc. I will provide that info when I can get on my laptop. I also listen to articles on you tube about frontal lobe dementia. I have learned so much. Frontal lobe dementia is lot like Alzheimer's. FLD manifests in many ways in people and changes on a dime. Many health professionals do not understand or know how to accurately diagnose FLD. My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's, water on the brain, and more. An MIR showed the accurate diagnosis. I am, the designated care giver, for my husband. In my county in North Carolina there is a program called CAPs. I get paid for 21 hours of caregiving a week and we have a home health nurse. The program is designed to help patients stay home rather be in a facility. Whew! This is enough for now. It makes me so sad. You are not alone. This is an awful condition with no cure. Patients die from related conditions, often pneumonia.

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Hello. I so relate with your post. My husband recently was diagnosed with FTD. I am struggling on every level. We live in a very rural area so resources for caregivers are limited and involve traveling a distance. Finding support is going to be crucial for my survival! I would be glad to listen and share with others in similar situations.