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Left Flank Pain

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I had been trying desperately to find out what was causing severe pain after sitting or standing or bending down on my left side for the last 20 years, I’ve seen many specialist in Seattle and had a really good PCP till a few years ago, and a Gynecologist, Gastroenterologist, Endocrinologist Cardiologist and Orthopedic. In 2017 I got a CT w Contrast that I was shown to have congested pelvic syndrome and something about the Venous Plexus, and endoscopic exam my GI performed saw that I had SMA, I didn’t have a clue what any of this meant. Then last year I had further problems with a nerve pain on my right leg coming down from my groin all down inside of my leg, scary 😟 I got a MRI that showed I have IFI ( a rare type of hip impingement, so I was seen by a Orthopedic that gave me a guided injection to calm down the nerve pain but the pain got worse with my labrum and hamstring on the left leg and my ischium bone was very painful. More images showed me to have partial tears to labrum and my hamstring and tendenosis of my left side, but I got another guided injection to calm that down so that I could get some PT to strengthen my hips because I am atrophy from waist down, then pain got even worse over Christmas and I had to call an EMT and went to the ER, they discharged me after EMT told them I must have sciatica pain from the back? I was discharged without any exam and told to follow up with my PCP. I then did more research on my own after not getting better and saw something call Nutcracker’s Syndrome, I told my PCP about the awful experience at the ER, then he told me that It was unlikely I could have congested pelvic syndrome because of my age and being in menopause, but I insisted to see a specialist doctor who could prove to him this was not all in my head. I just got confirmation that I have Nutcrackers Syndrome and possible DVT in left leg causing pain

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I am going to be see ya Vascular doctor for the Nutcrackers, IDK if I have blood clots because both the ultrasound and the other imaging said lump on image appears to be a Lipoma but if pain persist more images would be needed to rule out DVT, but now I can’t hardly stand so this has set my physical therapy back again sadly, I hope the Vascular doctor I’m going to see can help me because my QOL is destroyed over this