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Fear of radiation after lumpectomy

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Hi. My radiation treatments were rescheduled to allow more time for healing. Now my “programming session” is set for March 6th.

I was on the verge of hysteria I was so afraid of radiation. Then I remembered a friend suggested YouTube so I typed in breast cancer radiation and found a wonderful video by a young woman who was going through the process herself (several years ago – now she’s posting about her new baby!) Anyway, the video I found so helpful was entitled “Breast Cancer Radiation Tips & Skin Update” by Samantha Lynn. After watching her video, which gives 10 great tips from someone who knows, I went from almost hysterical with fear to calm and more confident. Not thrilled but much more comfortable with the decision. Hope this helps.

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Hi, I had radiation in 2021.. I had an awful fear of it also.. I weighed out all the pros and cons.. researched everything I possibly could.. I feared that radiation.. but after lumpectomy and all the tests and things that came before it.. and all my reaseach I finally decided, I was going to do the radiation for ME.. I realized that just taking the lump out there could still be a tiny few cells of cancer they didn't get.. and what was I going to do wait around until it reared its ugly head again.. Oh was I going to jaz it with radiation! I went wit hit it with all they had to offer.. I had 16 rounds of radiation, it didn't hurt, I had a slight rash and put the cream they said I should on it, it was tight and sore for a while… and I had to weigh out those dam pills.. I read and read about them, and again, decided to do it for ME.. My daughter said don't do it Mom. but if it can keep cancer cells down.. why not.. I had invasive ductal stage 1, no lymph nodes involved.. but my margins weren't clear so they took out extra.. all this scared me.. so hence the radiation and Anastrozole.. it was for ME.. I have Aunts that are in their late 90's.. I'm going to get there too.. !!! do what you do for YOU.. hugs to you xxxx