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Debilitating pain 6 months after knee replacement

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I was doing fine. Making progress. I walked up the road about 400 feet and into a feedlot full of frozen cow pies (just to let you know I got around OK.) and made a video of my wife doing my work (running a tractor bringing bales to cows).
Three days later I could barely stay on my feet for more than a couple minutes and it hasn't changed in 3 weeks.
Rock tape sounds interesting. I've also recommended Two Old Goats, some sort of potion to rub on.
The surgeon's nurse has asked If I want him to reevaluate, while 10 days ago he said there was nothing he could do. The PT guy has tried dry needling with no change yet.

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Here is an interesting update.
Before I received the new knees I had a couple epidurals in my lower spine. Two, because the first one didn't do anything. I didn't really notice any change after the second one.
I was motivated to get the surgery because my right knee, having been overworked because of a hematoma in my left calf. It felt like broken glass in my knee and I was on crutches for weeks before the surgery.
Here's the weird part. 3 days before the surgery date my right knee stopped hurting. I went ahead with it anyway because I'd had bone on bone for 4 years.
Now, after 8 weeks or so that right knee that was doing fine feels just the same as it did before the new knee, broken glass. A friend suggested the pain in my knee was coming from my back and the epidural had worn off.
I'm waiting for an appt in 30 days with the pain specialist who did the epidural.
The knees are both healing nicely except if I'm on my feet for a short time I find a place to sit because of that darn broken glass. Could the pain in my knee really be from my back?