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Hello, I've been dealing with vulgar cancer off and on since 1999. I had partial vulvalectomy done, in pieces, over 18 surgeries since then with my last big one in 2013. I've been clear since at my yearly appts. A couple of years ago we moved, so I lost my doctor of 17 yr and had to wait to see another. I saw her yesterday and am scheduled for day surgery to have some biopsies done, one of which is right on the tip of my clitoris. I've managed to save it over the yrs, but I guess I can no longer. I am very nervous over the cancer taking that area. I've lost so much feeling down there I don't want to lose it all. I've managed to deal with it all over the years and have had counselling and was even a part of a support group set up by my doctor for a couple of yrs till they shut it down. I miss that.

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Hi @redd4848, I'm just seeing your message now. After such a long journey with so many surgeries, I can imagine how you've become "protective" of your clitoris. With it now being potentially under scrutiny, this must be hard to swallow.

How did the biopsies go? Have you had the results yet?

WOW, that’s a LOT of surgeries! So much. Great info for so many issues. I’m trying to get different scenarios to see if they're things
I need to be doing, as far as opinions. How did u come to have so many surgeries, if u don’t mind me asking, or if it’s too personal:(.
You are mighty brave, and I know you will be a blessing to many others.🙏