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" My k167 is high -LvI present-DCIS
High estrogen positive
Doing a fish test . A lot to take in"

ki67% is a measure of how fast cells are dividing. 10% or less is low, and 20% or more is high, meaning a more aggressive cancer

LVI is lymphovascular invasion meaning there are cancer cells in either lymph vessels (not nodes) or blood vessels or both. You can ask if this is "focal" (local, better) or "extensive."

Do you have DCIS in addition to IDC or ILC . The latter are invasive. It sounds like you have both DCIS and invasive cancer. DCIS has not left the ducts yet, unless invasive, so still contained.

The FISH test is to confirm HER2 status or resolve an equivocal. If you are HER2+ you do chemo and some special meds for HER2. Outcome is much better these days. If negative you will do hormonal meds (and maybe chemo?).

IF your estrogen (ER) is high that is good news! You may be able to avoid chemo and rely on meds that address hormones. Is your PR positive?

If your HER2 is negative, your doc will do a test called the Oncotype Dx that will tell you what your risk of recurrence is with hormonal meds and also whether you would benefit from chemo. Many of us don't do chemo these days, but we cannot predict for you and your doc will use the Oncotype and/or pathology to come up with a plan.

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Thank you so much for reply.Yes it is both invasive. I will know more Friday when I meet with surgeon. I am so hoping to avoid chemo.