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Interesting to read each others stories. Anyone found a good diet to help your autoimmune fight off this disease?

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Hi, @wofmaria – welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Though some of the posts in this discussion on mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD) are a bit older, I'm hoping that members will return and offer some input on diet with MCTD to help the immune system fight off this disease. @bunnysammy @seanlroop @mnkennedy @powerofpositive @regeanna may also have some thoughts, as may @jessicanpayne.

While waiting for some of these members to join in, this Mayo Clinic information on MCTD may be helpful: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/mixed-connective-tissue-disease/symptoms-causes/syc-20375147

Will you share a bit of your story with MCTD, @wofmaria? Is this something affecting you or a loved one?

Please read about or watch You Tube videos about the Specific Carb Diet and GAPS diet. For some of us what we eat has a huge impact on our immune system. An inflamed gut allows for undigested food particles to enter bloodstream due to leaky gut. One of the responders above mentioned the SCD and gave great advice and suggestions. Other thing I have done is purchase a juicer and drink diluted carrot/celery juice twice a day. Sometimes I juice a piece of ginger or turmeric root and add filtered water. I am proceeding cautiously with juices but think they help. I have eliminated all refined sugar. Only consume those coming from fruit and a little honey here and there. I am mostly dairy free but recently purchased a yogurt maker and made the 24 hour yogurt specified in the SCD book. Will start trying that very cautiously. One tablespoon a day to see how I react. Best to work with a nutritionist, though it took me three months to find one.

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