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I was diagnosed in Dec with mctd. It is very hard to explain to family and friends. Everyone is very supportive, but they can’t really understand….I really don’t Understand. I also have psoiriatic arthritis and started methotrexate three weeks ago. Also vitamin b12 shots weekly..folic acid every day. So tired some days and feel like I have the flu a lot. My hands ache in the mornings.

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I am sorry to hear of your dx Lynnie. It is a tough illness and what makes it even more difficult is that family and friends do NOT understand. Heck! They do not understand the lupus alone or the scleroderma but MCTD?! Not a clue.

The B12 should start helping the fatigue but the fatigue will never go away. When you really know that the B12 is working is when it is getting close to when you need to go in for your next injection or if you are late getting it. Then you realize how much you need it and that it is helping some.

I have had this illness for several years and have major ups and downs. I have never went into full remission though. It seems that one of the diseases may be calm for awhile but while it is not kicking my butt, another one of the diseases is in a major flare. You just have to work with your doctor and through trial and error, you find the best treatment for you. This may only work temporary and then you are back to the drawing board but the important thing is not to give up. I know there will be days when you feel like it but you have to draw on your inner strength (I turn to God and use HIM for my strength) and push on.

What I hate is all the crap that accompanies the different illnesses. Like the GI problems from the scleroderma. And especially the fatigue and just not feeling well. I also am thankful for this website because people do not understand and there are many times you just need to vent or have support.

Thank you for responding. You can “chat” with me any time.

I am thinking of you and will say a prayer.


Thank you cindi. I appreciate your reply. It is good to have a place like this to vent.

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