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Hello Whilted-
I had PDAC in head to neck in 2019. I had 180’ encasement of Portal Vein and severe narrowing of SMA. Originally graded as 2b-3. The tumor shrunk after 12 cycles of FOLIRINOX and then also after 28 days of chemo-radiation. Had Whipple 3/2020 and the tumor had shrunk from max diameter of 4.8 to <1.5cm. There was only a few tiny cells of cancer seen in the very small tumor then. The SMV was clear and my Portal Vein was able to be reconstructed by stretching it (no jugular vein donation was needed!) I had no positive lymph nodes at surgery.
My oncologist and I decided to have me do some adjuvant chemo that summer and I had 6 cycles of Gemara and Zeloda. I was tired, but was glad I did it as I feel it gave me some extra “power” to kill any possible rogue cells. My scans since then have been NED💜 It was all worth it and I’m so thankful for all my doctors and everyone who supported me and my decisions. Every day is something I never take for granted anymore! Good luck to your mother and God Bless. I’m so happy she has you to help navigate her journey☺️

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Hello, is the adjuvant chemo you did a part of a trial? Not sure I have heard of that for pancreatic cancer. Do you mind sharing where your doctors are located?

Thanks for sharing your story. I learned a lot and am inspired by the way you hung in with your treatment. Hope you continue to well. I try not to be either an optimist or pessimist, just a realist. Hearing the range of experiences helps me to live in each day, realizing that there are wide ranges of outcomes in pancreatic cancer.