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Systemic sclerosis

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I have been going to rheumatology for past three years now and doing blood test every six months and getting all the time anti centromere ( value 376.2) and ANA titer at 1:320. But my rheumatology said that you don’t have scleroderma. Because I don’t meet symptoms criteria yet. Because I don’t have any symptoms. My primary had ran those tests 3 years ago not in reference of any confused symptoms, I just had lumps in the throat feeling. I need opinions that I am going to have limited or diffuse system sclerosis? Thanks if anyone can answer it.

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Sorry I don't have information, but I wanted to send out good wishes to you.
I spent years examining my face for initial markers of scleroderma.

I tested positive for the scleroderma 70 antibody test THREE times! but, when I finally was able to get the expensive test (ELISHA, it might be called) after 5 years, it came back negative. I was told that this expensive test was definitive. I definitely do not have scleroderma. I've got plenty of other stuff to keep me busy, sadly. Do you know if this test has been done on you?

Wishing you peace...and good information.

Thank you so much for informative reply. No they haven’t done that but it has been elevated . In all blood test reports.

Hello @rpatel91 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You will notice that I have moved your post into an existing discussion on SS, which you can find here:
- Systemic sclerosis: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/systemic-sclerosis/

I wanted to include a link to some additional information as it is defined at Mayo Clinic to see if you feel this aligns with your symptoms and/or experience so far:
Scleroderma - Symptoms and causes: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/scleroderma/symptoms-causes/syc-20351952

Aside from the lump in your throat feeling, do you have any additional symptoms?