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Hi. I take many supplements. I have other medical problems too + those may be a reason I don't take some supplements that may be very helpful for Long COVID or brain to high fog/sub performance in general. Also I eat a healthy, non adulterated diet + have low environmental toxicity. I'm mentioning that bc I believe these factors are directly relevant to healthy brain+ overall body function.
Here are my supplements today:
Taurine 1000 mgs /day
Phosphatidyl Choline 1200 mgs day
Zinc25-50 mgs/day
NanoCur – nanotech curcuin- 600-1800/day (AM+ midday)
VitD3 10,000-15,000 IU /day. One gelcap may be applied to area of post Covid psoriasis which reduces/ eliminates flare
CoQ10 100mgs/day
VitC dissolvable 500 -1000 mgs/day
Mega B vit- 100 mgs each twice/day
B12 sublingual 5000-10000mcg/day
Magnesium 250 mgs 1-2/day
Lion's Mane – fruiting body- 1000 or more per day
Several different high colony count multi strain pre + probiotics/ day
Green/black tea thruought day
Reishi mushroom supplements
Plant protein + organic whey protein supplement
5HTP occas at night
25 mgs Benedryl/night
Occasionally- Ibuprofen or ASA (low dose)
Mineral Salt- I've added this to my supplements to raise my BP. It's low.
Esp when standing.

I've noted that I can't handle stress. So avoiding stress is a priority for me. Part of reducing brain cognitive problems.

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May I ask what you experience after a stressful event or period of time?