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I am 70 years old and was started on Oxycodone about thirty years ago. Back then the bad effects were not really known, so my Doctor started me on two 5mg a day, which withing a few years became 6 -40mg oxycontin plus 10 10mg Percocet a day. At one point i was taking over 400mg a day of oxycodone. By the way, i was in two accidents and have seven herniated discs. I was examined at the University of Virginia hospital and their team of neurologists recommended no surgeries because it would be too dangerous and with just a 20% success rate they advised against it because they said i could be crippled and have to use either a walker or Wheel chair. I get around pretty good so i didn't want to risk being in a wheelchair forever. So that's when the high doses of pain meds started. Due to becoming totally addicted to pain meds, i abused them until i ended up in a fist fight with two big cops. I volunteered to go to rehab. That was about fifteen years ago, and although i still take 40mg of Hydrocodone per day, my pain is so severe i am miserable. I think the Hydrocodone relaxes my muscles which in turn cause my neck and upper back to hurt much worse. I also have arm injuries. I have pins and screws in my elbow and torn ligaments in both arms which hurt bad. Both rotator cuffs are bad too. In other words i need pain meds. I am still in a lot of pain, but learned to deal with it. I just ordered some thc gummies and they are arriving today. I will be careful but i am hoping they help with the constant and very severe pain. Sorry for the novel, but i don't ever tell anyone my troubles and i guess this is venting. God Bless all of you dealing with the pains and addictions.

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Hi there @daveyboy70, welcome to Connect. Your story is definitely worth sharing if it helps get it off your mind. I'm sorry for your struggles. My mom had a motorcycle accident over 40 years ago and began her journey with opioid use. I wish she was able to find other ways but as you said, the bad effects were not really known back then.

In addition to opioids and medical marijuana, are there any tools that have helped you function better? Having been through so much, do you care to share any tips or tools that have helped you emotionally persevere?