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Biologics side affects

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Looking for comments on Entyvio side effects. I have ulcerative colitis brought on by surgery to remove part of my colon due to a sigmoid stricture. After 2 years of treating symptoms and not getting much in the way of results I was put on Entyvio after a month long flare in early Fall. I finished my 3 "loading doses" 2 weeks apart at the end of DEC. It has solved all my problems! I then developed bronchitis a week later which progressed to vision symptoms including eyeball pain when moving them and then different versions of aural migraines w/no pain in a 2 week period. Got another one 2 days ago that has not gone away - going on 36 hours now. Spent yesterday in the ER being worked up for a stroke. CT scan, blood work, EKG showed no problems. They called in an ophthalmologist who said it was migraine, looked up ENTYVIO and said it's a side effect ....anyone have any similar experience? I'm a newbie - 79 yr old female in the care of a Gastro Dr as well as an ophthalmologist as I am scheduled for cataract surgery in one month. Bronchitis and vision problems are both listed in ENTYVIO side effects

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Hi I have crohns/colitis I was on Entyvio too but came off it bad side effects as well. I had constant headache especially with light or the sunshine I had to wear sunglasses all the time.One of my eye's was red like bloodshot and progressed worse as time went on.I went to hospital and they said it was uveitis it can come with crohns as it's autoimmune. I am still getting flair ups using steroids in my eye to clear it.I never had uveitis before I went on entyvio I think it's a side effect I am left with. I am waiting to start a new biologic now I'm not having much luck with any at the moment I have been on a good few.Humira,remicade, the only thing that seems to be working for me is steroids unfortunately.