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@tufan HI Tufan, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope soon you start getting good treatment where you see good progress happening. My wife is also diagnosed NET Lung with metastatic liver , bone, thyroid . They said surgery is not an option and they put her on chemo and immunotherapy started last Wednesday for 4 cycle taking 3 months. She started some pain last night around her lung area. I'm worried specially since you didn't get result . I was wondering what kind of chemo you were given. Her immunotherapy is the medicine as yours. Please advise on your experience.

Again, I hope you start feeling better soon.

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@aliatl Hi thanks for Reaply, sorry to here about your wife, she got Diogenes last summer end of July starting following week Chemotherapy 6x 3 eteposid and 6 time cisplatin and 6 time immutherapie Atezolizumab. After 3. Chemo CT was really good but after 6th Chemotherapy around 6 weeks after CT results was not good. Now we start yesterday new Chemo name is AOC. And she had pain also in lung but the reason was Water in Lung(1,5LT) now they took the water from lung I ll keep you up date when we start other therapy
Good luck

I forgot to saying she got also lung infection, we thought because of the chemotherapy but after Dr find out Tumor in the Lung made it.
Also I forgot to write very beginning also they made it molecular pathology then they start first chemotherapy. Hope that somehow help those infos. Wish you all the best for your wife and for you.