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I just want to express my sympathy. Just curious what your A1C is? Doctor at Hopkins feels that neuropathy can occur with A1C as low as 5,7 and the best way to reduce along w diet is exercise. Statins are overused and can cause neuropathy. Oaklander is an expert but care in most areas for researching cause is terrible. We are spending too much money on our defense budget and now is approaching a trillion = to next ten countries combined including Russia and China. Plus we are the only developed country in the world that has a for profit system leaving the development of drugs up to the drug companies. Didn't mean to get on my "soapbox" but our politicians are taking too much money from Big Pharma and their motive is profit. I hope Oaklander can shed light on what is going on.

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Below is some A1C history:
7/17/19 5.2
7/23/20 5.5
11/30/20 5.3
4/29/21 5.5
2/18/22 5.5
8/11/22 5.6
12/30/22 5.2

That last one at 5.2 was just before I started keto. I have not checked it since I started keto. Not sure if keto will help, but it is definitely healthy. I don't eat meat so it is lots of olive oil, kale, tofu, some eggs and fish, cheese, etc. More or less Med diet. Almond flour for any baking which is low carb.

Those are normal, but my fasting glucose is always slightly high:
96 104 102 104 99 98 101

I walk 1-2 hours per day. Glucose drops by 10-20 after my walk.

Yup, hoping Oaklander can help.

Yup, we spend WAY too much on defense (and tax cuts for wealthy).