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High Blood Pressure flare ups

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Yes, lately the sides of my neck hurt really bad and get stiffer feeling when my BP goes up. I usually have major pain in the middle of my back below my right shoulder blade. The doctors don’t know what to think about it. Going to pain management and a kidney doctor in the next 2 weeks. Let’s see if they find anything.

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Here are a few more things to consider before your next appointment. It is a possibility that your pain or at least some of it could be coming from a misalignment in your body. Without going in to detail in this short message, I will tell you the name of what has caused me considerable pain and agony over the last 31 years with MG and you can look them up at your convenience.
Forward Head Posture – this is when your head extends outward past your shoulders and chest which places extreme pressure on your shoulder and neck muscles trying to pull your head back in alignment. The average adult head weighs between 10 and 12 pounds. I've been told that when this happens your neck muscles become so tight that the blood veins running through those muscles become so tight that they become pinched which lessens the blood flow to your brain, very dangerous. Forward Head Posture usually occurs in people who spend a lot of time leaning and reaching in to thier keyboards on thier computers.
Also, look into your gait as you walk. Misalignment and many, many disorders in your body START IN YOUR FEET.
One last thing…many people who have auto-immune diseases will eventually have something called Drop Foot. I have for several years. Please look that one up also…Good luck my friend…Bill