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Mesenteric Panniculitis or Sclerosing Mesenteritis

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Really? I hadn't heard about hypothermia being a trigger! I had heard about abdominal surgeries and severe back trauma as possible triggers. For me, it seemed like an obvious connection. Though I have had several abdominal surgeries, two weeks before the onset on my MP symptoms, I had had a bad slip and fall on black ice and landed on cement right on my back, which btw, was a result of a freak ice storm on March 19 (2014)….two days before Spring, officially! And yes, you are right about the weather going on an upswing soon! Thank goodness, I'm aching everywhere and have a heating pad attached to me to try to help. I took an infrared sauna to help and it did for about half an hour! We are at -9 right now, better than you guys…but not much lol!!!

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I find your discussion interesting. I was diagnosed with SM in 2019 by a biopsy that turned into a major exploratory surgery in Nebraska. He was so sure he’d find cancer. The mass had been seen on a CT. I had complained about having pain. I went on a gluten free diet. It helped somewhat, but overall I feel much better so I stayed on it. When I went to Mayo, they were confident my pain had nothing to do with my SM. They did treat me for some esophageal issues which improved life greatly. The biggest issue is they are treating me for a huge hernia I developed as a result of the first surgery. It was necessary for me to lose weight before surgery to ensure it’s success. They are helping me with my diet and healthy eating. The change in my eating has drastically improved the pain in my abdomen. I’ve lost 50 pounds, eat a low fat, non-sugar and non alcohol diet. I think all of that combined with a fairly stress free life (I retired after the 1st surgery) has made the difference. I truly do not want to take meds. I did celebrate Valentine’s Day with all the forbidden things I just mentioned and had a very rough Monday. For me………it’s all about the diet. Hernia surgery is in March.

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