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Hi @saganjames, I had the same surgery close to four years ago, with the same hardware, but I have not experienced pain or tigtness in the incision area. Have you asked your surgeon or staff how to treat this?

When I had my surgery, the Physician's Assistant told me to regularly do the chest stretch where you clasp your hands together behind your back and below your waist or "the incision will pull everything forward." If you haven't done this, it would be best to start very gently. Also, I'm wondering if gentle massage with a lubricant/moisturizer and gentle heat, like an infrared lamp or heating pad, would help.
These are things I would try, if I were experiencing what you are, but I'm not a doctor. So best I think to check back in with your surgeon first. Good luck!

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Thank you so much for your kind, detailed, and helpful information. I will be discussing your suggestions with my surgeon and go from there. I would bet that what you have suggested will help me a lot. I'm very grateful. Have a wonderful day.