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Mesenteric Panniculitis or Sclerosing Mesenteritis

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@ellenos is that the only time you have it? As soon as I can have a bowel movement mine goes away until next night…..I have no other symptoms at all. I can pretty well eat what I want even….I will be waiting with interest to see what your doctor says. Ask if it could be IBS if they found nothing else wrong.

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The CT scan results showed nothing but MP. I have a gluten intolerance – my primary care did a genetic test and it showed positive for the celiac gene but blood test showed non-celiac. She was curious so had me do eat gluten for a few months and then have me do a biopsy of my colon. My colon was fine but it really killed my stomach – I had an ulcer. I was in a lot of pain eating gluten, in my opinion a lot of people are intolerant and don't know it. Doctors seem to think if you don't have celiac then you don't have an issue.

I met with the GI doctor. He said he did not think my lower abdominal pain was related to MP – his experience was that MP takes a long time to manifest (for people with MP pain). My CT was not with contrast, so he has suggested trying Mirolax first to rule out constipation and if that doesnt work he will have a contrast CT done. Since I started CBD I am having no night pain – I found it hard to believe so I didnt take any last night to see if pain was still even there, and it definitely was. Maybe its enough of a relaxation to stop any cramping.

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