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Still on oxygen after a year.

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Husband had Covid omnicron February 2022. Entered ER with 79 ox sat but no fever. Had Covid pneumonia and ARDS. 18 days but no vent. Barcitinib saved his life but Covid left him with pulmonary fibrosis in bottom third of lungs and 34% pulmonary function. Went home on 3L oxygen but after a couple of weeks was rehospitalized sets dropped to low 80s. Lung inflammation. Has been hospitalized 6 times with needing 6-10 L of oxygen. Last two times it has been retaining CO2 That put him in hospital. Inpatient pulmonary rehab is what has helped most. He came home on 3L and is now on 2L. One problem is he has been on steroids for almost a year to control the lung inflammation. We are looking for a clinical trial now. He is basically home bound because of his shortness of breath with ant activity.

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I am so sorry for what happened to your husband. I have been through similar situation but much less serious. Two years after Covid I developed pneumonia and then low oxygen levels. After being hospitalized twice I came home with oxygen. My oxygen has dipped to low 70’s -80’s. I have not used it for months now but oxygen level is often around 90 – 92. I am fatigued consistently and have post Covid symptoms. I was never told the low oxygen levels were from Covid but have always wondered? I will pray for your husband and wish you both good luck.