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Is kidney disease becoming an epidemic

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Ginger I agree with your encouragement. I was on vacation and happen to over hear a frantic woman in tears because she was newly diagnosed and couldn’t get a follow up appointment with her nephrologist for six months. She was told that she was 3b and had no idea what that ment. She reminded me of myself when I was first diagnosed. I shared the Mayo Clinic peer website and what little information I knew. I encouraged her to educate herself and become her best advocate. I stumbled upon this site and I have learned so much from all who shared information. I literally have to request frequent lab work form my nephrologist and ask questions when necessary. Thankfully the doctors are now getting paid for telemedicine visits, which has helped me keep in contact with my doctor. Unfortunately I don’t have a medical team working together so I have to be my own advocate between all of my Dr. Including my pharmacist and my dentist. I am so thankful that I found this group.

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@codered032 Thank you for sharing the Mayo Clinic connect site with that lady! I am sure she will feel more comfortable once she has the opportunity to read our posts. I recall when I was told about my kidney disease, back in 2005, and how it floored me. My friends at dinner that night, simply shrugged their shoulders.

Yes, being your own advocate and establishing a great team that works for you, is the best way to go. I forgot about my dentist. My hygienist Caroline is tops! Another spoke on the wheel.