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Hi. How are you doing? I think your post was from 2020 and I hope you have found answers and relief. Please let me know.
My experience so far:
My neuro symptoms started August 10 2022. Left side of face numb (ear lobe first and it felt novocained ) and progressed up and down left side as tingling and numbness and then heaviness. Now it has moved to entire head and spreading on the right side. I have some pain.
Saw a PA on Aug 18 and she ordered tests - I can't get an MRI due to metal in my body but she ordered a head cat scan and a nerve conduction test. Both were negative (good news) with one nerve borderline. Nerve Conduction was ordered on Aug 18 and scheduled for mid January 2023 (seriously?) but was eventually moved up to November 18 2022.
Neck xray showed possible problem but would not explain more than face.
I want a cat scan with contrast that will show the nerves. Ortho said to wait until nerve testing and what neuro says. I see an NP on February 9th.
The doctors and testing services are super backed up at my teaching hospital in SC. I called Mayo - got a phone interview and had that ray of hope extinguished when they said no to seeing me and no to being put on a waiting list.
Praying that you got some answers and some treatment.

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I too have the same illness. I really felt bad after reading your posting. I sure wish I could offer you a "fix" for your IPN. I can only wish you the best of luck and your doctors will find a cure for your problem.