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Thank you for the reply! I just felt guilty going to find a rheumatologist and did not want to step on the hematologist's toes! My husband and kids have been amazing! I am not sure what I would do without them! I just want answers, and to feel better!

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Please don't feel guilty about finding the best care for your conditions. A Rheumatologist is definitely a doctor to handle your autoimmune conditions. As I tell folk from experience, your doctors work for you. If they insist in sticking you in a 20 minute time slot for insurance purposes, if they talk over your head without explanations or talk around you to your hubby or ignore your questions and concerns, find another one.

You are learning to be your own advocate, the fact that he can’t tell you the plan of care says it all, RUN!
You need an expert in the field of autoimmune diseases not a novice. A Hemotologist has no business treating or testing for autoimmune, it is VERY complex.
You will also be learning about self care.
I follow Mark Hyman from the Cleveland Clinic on Facebook, he produces lots of educational videos on regarding diet, rest and exercise with Autoimmune. Mark is the head of Functional Medicine at Cleveland Clinic which is a part of their program for autoimmune treatment.
I personally use accupuncture, helps tremendously for the fatigue, and massage therapy for muscle and joint pain as well as hot/ cold therapy.
I would email Mark and ask for a recommendation for a good Rheumatoligist and get in there asap. The University hospitals are your best bet.