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Does medical marijuana work for chronic pain?

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Thanks for weighing in, Don. I am glad to know these are not addicting, but my question was more about the extent to which a regular user can build up a tolerance, since that's what Chris's earlier message indicated. Like I said, I found CBG so helpful that I'd consider taking it indefinitely if I could do it without having to increase the dose very much. But I'd like to know about other's experiences with how much they have had to increase their dose over time to maintain efficacy. I'm also curious whether there are any latent side effects that anyone noticed over time, which weren't obvious at the start.

In my case, I do take a mild immunosuppressant, Plaquenil, for auto-immune issues. For me, the worsening symptoms are my usual joint pain, GI issues, and nerve pain, which were lessened during the weeks that I used CBG nightly, but which felt even more intense than pre-CBG when I tried to taper down. (I stopped cold turkey after 2-1/2 weeks and had a moderate flare, then went back to the full 50 mg/night tincture dose to control the pain and tried to taper down to 25 mg a week later, which led to less of a flare, but still an intensification of symptoms.) But I know I'm sensitive to medications and have experienced withdrawal-like effects in the past, even with nonaddicting medications, so I may just be especially prone to this. Maybe it's some kind of central sensitization effect; I'm not sure.

Other than an intensification of symptoms with withdrawal, I haven't noticed any adverse effects at all during this time, but like Chris noted earlier in this thread, many of us lack professional help sorting all this out and have to act as our own physicians. So I'm just curious what kind of tolerance others have experienced over time, and whether others who had no side-effects at first ever had any later on (and what, if anything, to be on the lookout for over time). Many thanks to all for sharing! I am so grateful for this list. – E

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Hi Erin, Exactly most doctors will not even discuss it. I've been smoking for 50 years so I can say there is a small amount of tolerance that appear from using all the time to occasionally. Just like drinking you become a light weight if you don't do it daily. So yes there is a small immune effect. Much like melatonin, two ways to get around that is use less for a while then go back to regular dose, or increase the dose.
I believe our CBD receptors will only recognize so much in blocking pain. So I am not sure of the threshold in terms of the amount. I would stay with in min dose and max dose on label limits. Here is some results I found searching the two drugs interactions. Good to see you seeking information, and adding your experience for all to share in.